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About Me

I'm Robinson Lacotte, front-end developper. I'm usually involved in collaborations process and I'm used to create hand-in-hand workflow with designers. Developper IS NOT a lonely work, communication with the whole team is key. I love art experimentations in my free time.

I'm currently co-founder of Team Pebbles with Louis Lagache. It's an interactive development studio based in Angoulême, France. We take on projects.


SO· Games

Webdesign and development for SO· Games

Tags : Wordpress, CMS, Design, NoJS


A Cairn Tale (Student Edition)

Go on an adventure in a poetic ascent where you help Kar let go of the stones which hinder them, by laying them on the cairns along the way to the top of the Mountain.
Open up your own path through vertiginous landscapes! But beware, the Storm is lurking...

Tags : Unity, Houdini, C#, GameDesign


Coup de Pouce

Tags : Javascript, Sapper, Animations, PixiJS, Student

Loyalty Freak Music

There's lots of cool and totaly free stuff on this site ❤

Tags : Wordpress, Timber, TWIG, CMS


MIELE Design Experience 2019

I worked on the 3D scene and interactions with the mobile app (in the Case Study at 1:40) during my job at Dassault Systèmes

Tags : 3D, Design Experience

Works at Lumini

I display only works I have the right to show and I mainly worked on. I also do lots of maintenance works for in production websites

Tags : Maintenance, CMS, Drupal, React, Animation

2D and 3D Vizualiser

Short web experimentations

Tags : WebGL, threeJS, Canvas, Javascript, WebAudio, Student



My first 3D web app : objective was to offer an interface to select the most appropriate box for clients. Internship at Mécanélec.

Tags : WebGL, BabylonJS, Typescript

Sur Tout le Trajet

A Contemplative game based on maps.

Tags : Javascript, Game, Design

Portfolio 2018

My last portfolio, with full CSS logics.

Tags : CSS, NoJS, Portfolio


Portfolio 2017

An old Portfolio

Tags : CSS, Javascript, Portfolio

Chocolaterie d'Antan

My first internship at Chocolaterie d'Antan

Tags : Wordpress, CMS, Design

Level 1

My first concrete web project

Tags : Wordpress, Admin, Design, Content Editor